When it comes to the most popular choice for house heating, furnaces remain to be at the top of the list. They are the best because of their high energy efficiency, less noise during operations, extra-long lifespan, compatibility, and a lot more. In general, furnaces are very much flexible- there is always a furnace to fit any size of the house.

Furnaces are also called forced-air system. They generally work on the principle of acting as the core of a house central air system, and is used for generating cold air in the summers and warm air in the winters. Their working principle can make use of propane, heating oil, natural gas and even electricity to heat your house. Once the air gets heated up it enters the interior of the house with the help of ductwork. Furnaces are mostly placed in home attics, crawlspaces, basements, and closets.

Choosing the right type of furnace for your house is surely a difficult task, it is always a good idea to talk to our HVAC technicians for knowing all details of the different types of furnaces before installation.

To even help you more with the different types of furnaces that are available for you in the market, we have listed down the different furnace types to suit your needs.

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Different Furnace Types

  • Gas Furnace: This is the most common type of furnace that is in use across the US and Canada. Natural gas furnace uses gas piped in from the municipal lies. Gas jets with the help of a burner ignites to create a very hot combustion gas, helping in raising the air temperature. The fan of the furnace then helps in regulating the hot air through the ducts. When it comes to evenly heating of an area, the gas furnace seems to be the best. Since the cost of natural gas is comparatively low to other fuel forms, the operating cost of this furnace is always on the lower side.
  • Oil Furnace: In case if your house doesn’t have access to natural gas, you can opt for oil furnaces. These furnaces are commonly in use in very cold climates especially in the northeast part of the US. They work on the principle of converting oil into heat.
  • Electric Furnace: These furnace types are a great alternative to both gas and oil sourced furnace. The mechanism of these furnace make use of electric heating elements to generate heat and transfers it to the air. They are very inexpensive to purchase compared to other types and are also much smaller in size, making them a perfect fit for small-sized homes.

Just like a regular oil furnace, electric furnaces are much less efficient than gas furnaces, but sometimes they can be a great choice for your house.

  • Heat Pumps, while not a typical furnace also works on the same principle. It takes electricity and can heat and cool a house in no matter of time. You can even consider buying a heat pump in conjunction with a furnace. These are sometimes called hybrid heating, as they are very good at improving comfort and efficiency for your house. In areas were winters aren’t that harsh, heat pumps can be the best alternative to any other house heating device.
  • Modulating Furnace: This is the one of the costliest type of home furnace available in the market. Though a bit costly you can really find the benefits worth it. A modulating furnace works on the principle of adjusting the amount of gas it burns to reach the target temperature of the thermostat. This furnace type is very much energy efficient and won’t waste energy by shutting on and off a thousand times. In a nutshell, you will get the desired amount of heat you want and that too keeping the energy bills low.

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