Well, there are several alternative ways to stay cool without turning the air conditioner on, but as soon as the summer temperature shoots up to 90 or 100-degree mark daily, air conditioning becomes a must necessity. Here we have listed several ways to save both money and energy along with staying cool and comfortable.

1. Keeping the AC Low At Night: When you are asleep especially during the night time, the same level of conscious cooling isn’t required. Try raising the temperature of your air conditioner such that it runs less and utilizes less power during your sleeping hours. In case if your unit has one, try using the sleep mode that can help you in lowering the output on a timer.

2. Using Portable Or Window Air Conditioner: If all the spaces of your house don’t require regular cooling, try using a smaller air conditioner. Portable ac units or window air conditioners can be a perfect fit for cooling the area in and around your working space. These small units are an energy saver. They can help you by saving 50 percent less energy than any other large central air unit or split air conditioners.

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3. Regular Service Of Your Air Conditioner: Some basic types of daily maintenance can be good for your air conditioning needs, but regular maintenance would be a great benefit from a basic hosing out. If you are plagued with trees around your home something like Cottonwoods that drops sticks or seeds to the air conditioner filter, it can surely make your air conditioning unit work a lot harder.

4. Try Closing The Basement Vents: Nowadays most of the dwelling houses have basements in them. Basements seems to be the coolest place in the entire house. The cool air coming out your air conditioner naturally slinks down to the basement are following the law of physics. Sealing all the vents of your basement, can help you in a lot number of ways. Taking this step can help in cooling the floor way faster especially above the areas of the basement.

5. Try Checking All Your Ducts: Try to be sure that all the areas from where your air ducts run around the house with the air conditioner use, are insulated properly in order to keep the air cool while it is running through it. Paying your hard-earned money for half cool air isn’t a good way of spending it.

6. Don’t Forget To Rearrange Your Furniture: Sometimes house furniture can block the air conditioning vents. What we mean by saying this is, there are times when we have seen that the bottom part of your sofa or the back of your table is getting cooled by the air conditioner vents. We do appreciate your thoughts but we rather think that you should use that air to cool yourself. Several types of equipment or plastic pieces are available in the market for you that can help in forcing the area in the exact direction.

7. Turn Your Home Lights Off: Lights do use a lot of energy and produced a good amount of heat at the same time. Turning your house lights off and relying on the natural lights coming out from the doors and windows can greatly signify your air conditioners working efficiency.

8. Use The 78 Degree Rule: Remember 78 degrees is a great temperature, for an air conditioner to run efficiently. It consumes less power and can keep your house or your are cool at the same time. It is often considered as the best temperature for cooling and even protecting the surrounding environment.

9. Raising The Air Conditioner Temperature: If you are away from home for a long time try to raise the temperature of your air conditioning unit by up to 85 degrees and make sure that all your window and door curtains are closed. Although this can make you feel hot while getting back to your place, but those drapes and blinds would be helping you to stay away from the sun. This helps a lot in making your house remain cool for a pretty long period of time as the heat won’t be that substantial for your air conditioning machine to work harder in order to cool the room.

10. Your Ceiling Fan Can Be A Saviour: Almost all of us, mainly rely on the house air conditioners to make the space cool, but have you ever thought that taking the help of some basic supplementary gadget can lower your energy bills by a huge percentage. Using fans to circulate the cool air in and around the room means your house ac won’t need to give too much effort. Thus, energy consumption can be much low, and you can save thousands of dollars each month. So, using some of them can surely be a great back up idea.

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