Buying yourself a new air conditioner unit for your house can be confusing and stressful at the same time. With the availability of different types of ac units in the market the choices might seem overwhelming. Before you set your mind on buying a specific type of cooling unit for your house make sure you look at all the available options. Once you are on the verge of choosing the right one, try to be sure that you have considered energy efficiency, BTU output, and controls in your bucket list.
Here is a list of some of your options from where you can choose from.

1. Window Air Conditioners:

These are a common type of air conditioning unit that you get to see in most houses across the US. Window air conditioners are generally mounted on the windows. They have an exhaust system that pushes out hot air from the sides and back, whereas the refrigerant cooling system is pointed towards the inner part.
These rooms can good at cooling each room at a time. In case if you are having a big house, you need them to install in every room you want to cool. Their low cost in nature makes them the best option for the ones who are living in small apartments or houses.
The most notable disadvantage of owning a window ac, is that you get to lose the use of the window in which you install one. Most of the time you cant get access to the sunlight entering the room, or to the fresh air.

2. Central Air Conditioners:

These ac units are perfect for the ones who have a large home, and want to cool many rooms at the same time. Also known as central air, this form of air conditioner is most effective among all. These units have a cooling compressor, also called the outdoor unit and they are mostly placed outside the home. The outdoor unit is the one responsible to cool the room. Their mechanism has a coil filled with a cooling refrigerant, which is then blown by a blower through the ductwork established in your house.
The central air conditioning unit pushes the cool air inside the room and takes back the warm air through the return vents and then pushes it out through the exhaust system. A houses central ac makes use of the same ducts that are used by your house heating system, which makes their installation easier and a great choice among others.
This system always requires a professional installation and is the most expensive system among all others.

3. Through The Wall Air Conditioning Units:

The working principle is quite similar to that of a portable air conditioner or the window units. They work on the principle of bringing in warm air which is then exhausted through the outlet vents, while the cold air remains back in the room. Similar to a window unit they are also unitary systems and self-contained.
These ac units are best suited for the ones who don’t have access to a window. They are mounted directly and permanently on a wall and cannot be removed in the future. The installation process includes drilling a hole or a cut on the exterior part of the wall into which a sleeve is placed. These sleeves are very important to help in supporting the total weight of the ac unit. Since the process of installation is a bit complicated, it is always a good idea to hire a professional for the process. Our well-trained HVAC technicians can help you guide in the buying and installation process.

4. Ductless Split Air Conditioners:

These systems are responsible for providing cooling throughout the different zones within the same house. They aren’t self-contained like the window or portable units, and are comprised of one indoor and one outdoor unit. They are mostly used in structures lacking any regular ductwork.
The condenser unit is installed outside the house whereas the evaporative units or the indoor units are mostly wall mounted. Both the units are connected via conduits, carrying refrigerant and power lines. The biggest advantage of a split unit is that they are able to cool different rooms at the same time.

5. Portable Air Conditioners: 

ust like a typical window unit or through the wall ac unit, portable AC’s are another great example of a self-contained or unitary air conditioning system. What we mean is that, portable air conditioners have all the major components stuffed in one single unit.
Portable air conditioners are best used in places where the building rules and regulations are strict regarding the installation of other types of air conditioners. They work on the principle of cooling the air with the help of a condenser coil placed within the unit and then pushing out the hot air through a large detachable exhaust hose.

The exhaust hose is like a large tube resembling a dryer vent, connecting the hose to an airtight opening. These window kits are mostly included with the air conditioning unit itself.
Since the exhaust fan and the condenser is placed in one compact casing, the unit is a bit noisy than others. This noise is generally made by the evaporator fan. These units are suited for a small room and are mostly ineffective in areas above 500 square feet.
While you are planning to buy an air conditioner for your house, make sure you consider a few other stuff before buying, for example:
• Cost.
• BTU output.
• BTU’s required per square foot.
• Controls.
• Plug types.
• EER and SEER ratings.
If you are still having any questions about the best type of air conditioner for your need, it can be better if you can speak to one of our experts at HVAC-Southfield. There are some models available in the market that does require professional help for their installation and wiring, whereas some are simple and more convenient to use but might be less effective than the others. It is of utmost importance to choose the right type and brand for your specific house needs. Our team can help you with all your questions and needs you may have. If you are looking for the best HVAC contractor, don’t look any further. HVAC-Southfield is available to assist you with all your emergency air conditioning needs 24/7, call us today 248-870-3234.