While we go down the lane, we can see that there was a time when people could actually live without an air conditioning unit, but the current globalization and the rise in global temperature did affect adversely to our weather conditions. Summers getting hotter with time, surviving without an air conditioning unit seems impossible. Well, here are some tips for you which you might find helpful.
 Try Insulating Your Attic:
In case your house has direct access to your attic, be sure that your attic is insulated properly and evenly all over. Bumpy type of insulation isn’t good for the smooth functioning of your air conditioning device.
• Try Closing The Basement Vents:
Nowadays most of the houses have basements in them. Basements seems to be the coolest place in the entire house. The cool air coming out of your air conditioner naturally slinks down to the basement by following the laws of physics. Sealing all the vents of your basement, can help you in a lot number of ways. Taking this step can help in cooling the entire area way faster than you can imagine.
• Buy Yourself A Smart Thermostat
Investing in a good quality smart thermostat can really save a lot. A recent report of energy.gov states that, regular usage of a thermostat and by rising the temperature of an air conditioner unit by 7-10 degrees for at least seven to eight hours each day can save up to 10 percent on your yearly cooling cost.
• Try To Keep The Air Vents Clear:
Sometimes house furniture can block the air conditioning vents. What we mean by saying this is, there are times when we have seen that the bottom part of your sofa or the back of your table is getting cooled by the air conditioner vents. We do appreciate your thoughts but we rather think that you should use that air to cool yourself. Several types of equipment or plastic pieces are available in the market for you that can help in forcing the area in the exact direction.
• Adding Rooftop Solar Devices Or Panels:
When the day is bright and clear, and the sun is shining at its best, that can be the hottest day of the month. You can try installing rooftop solar panels to offset your house energy consumption.
• Check All Your House Air Ducts:
Try to be sure that all the areas from where your air ducts run around the house with the air conditioner use, are insulated properly in order to keep the air cool while it is running through it. Paying your hard-earned money for half cool air isn’t a good way of spending it.

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