Get A Furnace Of Right Size
Buying yourself a furnace, that is of the exact size for your home is the key element to get your house heated up evenly. If your furnace is small, it wouldn’t be efficient in heating the whole house evenly and having a furnace that is too big isn’t good either. While a big furnace won’t give you any heating issues, it can be a real waste of money and fuel on building up heat that you don’t need in actual. In order to determine the exact size, you just need to match the exact output of heat measured in BTUs or British Thermal Units, in accordance with the size of your house.

Try Selecting The Fuel Source Wisely
Heat furnaces are available in three different types mostly electric, gas, and oil-powered units. Gas sourced furnaces are the most popular ones and are easily available in different parts of the US. Their demand is on the higher side as it is a lot cleaner and cheaper than any other furnace types. It is seen that on average it is about 20-50% cheaper to use natural gas than any other fuel source. If there is a problem with the availability of natural gas in your residential area, oil sourced furnace also serves as a great alternative. Whereas electric furnaces can be a lot cheaper to install and purchase, operating costs of these furnaces are always on the higher side. Moreover, sometimes electric furnaces aren’t that efficient especially if you own a large-sized house.

Save Your Dollars By Buying A Modulating Gas Furnace
If your house is in an area where the winters are harsh and the temperature remains below the freezing point, buying a modulating gas furnace can help in saving thousands of dollars. While these models are somewhat costlier, you can reduce the operating cost by adjusting the heating output very precisely. In most cases a modulating furnace can help in regulating output by almost around 1% increase. This enables the system in regulating the amount of gas needed to operate. On an average a modulating gas furnace cost somewhere in between $1,500 to 2,500.