We at HVAC Southfield do believe that our customers should feel comfortable while being at home. In order to achieve that sense of being comfortable, an ideal air conditioning or heater temperature is a must. Remember a degree of rise or fall in temperature can typically call off a whole system. The process of maintaining your house ideal temperature starts with some professionally installed quality thermostat.
No matter if you live in the cold part of the Montana mountains or near the heat of the Arizona desert, it is always your right to stay comfortable inside your own living space, irrespective of the extreme temperatures. That’s exactly the reason why our HVAC maintenance technicians can help.

Buying Yourself The Right Thermostat for Installing In Your House

Choosing the right set of thermostats does play a big role in your house heating and cooling system. Currently there are many different options for a homeowner to choose from- from a programmable smart thermostat to a regular traditional one. To start with the process of selection, the house owners must identify what type of heating and cooling system they have. Completely depending on their work principle, two different types of thermostat are available in the market.
• Low Voltage Thermostat: These types of thermostats are generally used to regulate the heating and cooling units that rely on central furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers.
• Line Voltage Thermostat: This thermostat is typically used to regulate the systems that operate using electricity to heat or cool the house. Baseboard heating is a great example of a line voltage thermostat.
Once you have noted down the type of heating system you own in your house and the type of thermostat that you need, try buying a thermostat that suits perfectly your need.

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All the modern thermostat are of three different types:

• Programmable Thermostats: This thermostat type can allow house owners to pre-schedule the temperature adjustment all throughout the day. For example, increasing the temperature while you are inside the room and reducing the air temperature at night especially when you are asleep. Programming them is done manually, and the number that one can program all throughout the day depends on their model and make.
• Manual Thermostat: These thermostat types are the most basic type you can ever find on the market. These are WIFI enabled nor they can be programmed. They are typically inexpensive and are a great and reliable choice for the house owners who can adjust their house temperature manually.
• Smart Thermostat: These are the most innovative and the newest type of thermostats that are available in the market right now. They are called smart because they can easily adapt to the regular house needs-i.e. they are capable of adjusting the temperatures when they sense any activity inside the house. Most of the smart thermostats are WIFI enabled and can be used even with the help of a smartphone. Some models are in fact voice-enabled.

Some other features of smart thermostat include:

1. Vacation mode.
2. Night mode.
3. Indicator lights.
4. Touch screen and LED controls.

How Can You Install A Thermostat?

The installation process of a thermostat depends on its make and model. Though in most cases, the installation of a new unit or replacement requires few basic tools and some knowledge about carpentry. Here is a list of tools that you will be needing:
• Drywall or wood screws.
• Masking tape.
• A screwdriver to remove and install your old and new set of screws.
• Power drill.
• A new thermostat.
Here are some instructions listed for you to follow:
• Switch off the power of your house heating and cooling system. For example air conditioner and heater device.
• Take out the old thermostat from your wall.
• Remove the wires from the new thermostat and put a label on each wire.
• Connect your brand new thermostat to the wiring.
• Now mount your new thermostat, using all the hardware and tools.
• Finally, you can now power on the thermostat and it accordingly.

Why Replacing Your Thermostat Is Important?

Changing your old thermostat with a smart one might seem to be an unnecessary investment, but before you completely drop the idea, consider the energy and money savings.
Changing your age-old manual thermostat device means that you can control your heating and cooling systems in all ways. What we mean by saying this is you can easily control your house temperature even while you’re at home and turn off your device while you are away or asleep.
A recent report of energy.gov states that, changing the temperature of your HVAC device by 7-10 degrees for at least seven to eight hours each day can save up to 10 percent on your yearly heating and cooling cost.

Why You Should Choose HVAC-Southfield For All Types Of Thermostat Installation and Replacement Services?

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