We at HVAC- Southfield do understand that water quality is a very important aspect for the safety and good health of you and your family. To help the home owners, we have added water purification, filtration, water softening system repair, installation and maintenance services to our list of services we provide.
Unlike the traditional under sink filter or a filtered water pitcher, the complete house system can be a lot beneficial to improve the quality of water that runs from every faucets. Here are some insights about our list of water filtration services.

Available Water Treatment Services Of HVAC-Southfield

No matter if you have well water or city water, getting your house water duly tested is important in its own ways. Thus the installation of water filtration, softening and other water purification technologies are of utmost importance. Our HVAC technicians can help homeowners with testing the water quality of their house for impurities, mineral content and contamination in order to make sure the water is safe.

Home Water Purification System

Water purification helps in killing viruses, bacteria’s and algae and does not filter impurities such as iron or chlorine. All modern home water purification system either makes use of UV radiation to kill the different pathogens or purifies with the help of different sanitizing chemicals like chlorine or iodine.

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Complete House Water Softener

Mineral-rich water or hard water can be easily found in most of the houses in the US that are using a well or city water system. Though these waters aren’t too dangerous but there are several disadvantages associated with it. Hard water can cause damage to the different household appliances, it can make it difficult to clean glassware and can even cause damage to skin, hair, and nails.
The complete house water softener helps in softening the water by reducing the mineral contents through the process commonly known as ion exchange. In this process the water is passed through sodium content thereby helping in exchanging ions and reducing the quantity of mineral in it.

Complete House Water Filtration System

In this process the water is made to run through a microscopic filter that is made in such a way that all the water impurities such as magnesium, iron, chlorine, etc get collected. This filter even gives a pause to the growth of several algae and bacteria in the water system by filtering all the small water particles.
The several types of complete house filtration systems that are massively in use are distillation filters, reverse osmosis filters, and activated carbon filters.

Life Can Be Easy With Our Filtration, Softener and Purifier Services

We at HVAC-Southfield do understand how important it is to keep you and your family safe with the use of good quality water. Our certified HVAC maintenance team can deal with all types of water filtration, purification, and softening Systems. If you are looking for the best HVAC contractor, don’t look any further. HVAC-Southfield is available to assist you with all your emergency water needs 24/7, call us today 248-870-3234.

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