Home humidity is a very common problem in Michigan. The air filled with humidity promotes the growth of mildew and mold and might even be the cause of several allergies. Air that is dry in nature leads to congested nasal passages, dead skin cells, and can even damage the wood belongings of your house.
At HVAC-Southfield, we know how to keep you and your loved ones comfortable by helping you to chose between portable or whole house humidifiers. Our trained HVAC technicians can further help in getting the exact personal humidity level with a single and proper percentage point.

What Do You Mean By A Humidifier And What Is Its Working Principle?
A humidifier helps in adding humidity to the surrounding air by the process of steam, evaporation, impeller, and ultrasonic.
Many different types of humidifiers are available to house owners in the USA. These include:

Portable Humidifiers
• Evaporative Type Of Humidifiers: This humidifier makes use of a membrane, fabric, or a wick in order to soak water. A blower or a fan then helps in further blowing of air against the wall membrane helping the air to evaporate. These types of humidifiers must be cleaned at a regular interval and membrane must be replaced every three months to help in preventing mold growth.

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• Impeller Humidifiers: This takes the help of a rotating disc to send water through a diffuser, that helps in breaking the water into small droplets and thereby dispersing it in the form of mist. These types of humidifiers don’t use heat thus are safe for the children. They even come at a very low price and are mostly easy in maintenance than any of the other types.
• Warm Mist Humidifiers or Steam Humidifiers: These types of humidifiers make use of a typical heating element that can heat water until and unless it boils and emits heat. They can be used when the residents seem to be unhealthy and it works well only in some small areas.
• Ultrasonic Humidifiers: These humidifiers make use of ultrasonic sounds to create air contained with humidity. They do not contain any membranes nor any filters. They can work best when used with clean and clear distilled water. The water content in them must be changed at regular intervals to help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Whole House Humidifiers
These humidifiers are of two types Drum and Flow-through. Both of these two types allow the house owners to humidify their entire space without the need of setting of separate portable units for each house.
The whole house dehumidifier is mostly contained in the house’s heating and cooling system, and maintaining them at a regular interval is easy as they don’t require any cleaning or refilling work.
Whole-home humidifiers or central humidifiers can be a good investment for you especially if you are living in areas that have dry winters. They are best suited if any member of your family is suffering from bad health or if you are looking for a higher resale value for your house.
Why You Must Use A Humidifier?
If you are living in an area where dryness is prevalent all throughout the year or if you’re suffering from dry air-related health issues, a whole home or a portable humidifier can be the best solution. If the humidity level of your house is extremely low, it can result in bad health condition or some chronic problems. Areas having low humidity generally soaks up moisture from any place, including that of your house’s window frames, wooden furniture, door jambs, floorboards etc. This can even result in floor cracks or shifts in the frames, or even joint separation in case of wooden furniture.
Your house humidity can be measured with the help of a hygrometer. Humidity of the air below the 30 percent benchmark can be a potential cause of several health issues and must be avoided in any cases. Dryness of the air during the colds can even cause pains and aches which includes :
• Dry airways and throats.
• Allergies.
• Headaches.
• Irritation in the eyes.
• Blood in the nose and mouth.
• Dead skin cells.
• Frequent cough and cold
• Headaches etc.
Using a humidifier can help to reduce these symptoms and make you feel more comfortable in your own space.
Choosing HVAC- Southfield For All Types Of Dehumidifier Needs
If you are in an urgent need of managing the humidity levels of your house and you need them to be tested, we are the ones who can serve you best. We take pride in solving the needs of a homeowner or a business owner and make them breathe easy by providing superior quality service when it comes to a humidifier. Our certified HVAC- maintenance team can deal with all types of home humidifier systems.

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