Shooting up of energy bills during the summers, are caused as the house owners crank up their AC units. To lower the costs, you can try to skimp on the air conditioning unit but that might create a big squabble among your family over setting a comfortable ac temperature. While it surely takes a lot of experiments to find that exact AC temperature, remember for every degree rise in temperature you will be saving almost 3 percent of your utility bills. So, what can be the best temperature setting for your air conditioning system? Well, the answer to this is certainly variable and that depends on several factors. We won’t be picking the upsides but we can certainly help you with some guidelines in order to find a happy medium.
Environmental Protection Agency and DOE runs a joint federal program, which recommends every air conditioning users, that in order to get both energy efficiency and optimal cooling, you need to find an exact temperature in which you can feel comfortable while you are sleeping and while you are awake. Try increasing the thermostat setting by 4-degree Fahrenheit while sleeping and 7-degree Fahrenheit while you are away from home.

Buying a programmable, modern and smart thermostat can help you match your cooling needs as per your schedule. You can even adjust it manually if you don’t have a central AC system. Here is a list of a few manual settings for your home air conditioner.
• 78° F while you are staying at home.
• 85° F while you are away from your house.
• 82° F while you are asleep.
In case if you have a heat tolerance capability, you can even try raising the temperature by 1 degree in order to see if it matches your budget and your comfort.
Thermostats Can Be A Great Energy Saving Option
Using a programmable and smart thermostat with your home air conditioner is a great way to keep and set room temperatures that work hand in hand with your schedule. Some tests even prove that the best quality and top-rated thermostats are a lot easier to program when compared to the previous models. Smart thermostats can serve best if you are interested in remote access, automation, or smart monitoring of air conditioners from afar.
What Should You Do If You Have A Window Air Conditioner?
In case if you own a window air conditioner, keeping up your home at a perfect temperature might seem a bit difficult. This is mainly due to the presence of the thermostat inside the ac unit, which can only register the temperature in that part of your space and even it cannot provide consistency in cooling the entire room.
In such cases, getting yourself a comfortable temperature is more of a trial and error method. This can be conducted by starting with a temperature setting which suits you and accordingly increasing or decreasing it.
In case if your window ac unit is in your bedroom, wait for at least thirty minutes before going to bed, such that you can feel comfortable while sleeping.
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