What Do I Need To Do If My House Heater Isn’t Working?

If your house heater is showing inconsistency in its working efficiency, it is time for you to replace it. If you are suspecting something like this, you can give us a call. Our team of HVAC-technicians is always ready to serve you at any time of the day all throughout the year.


How To Guess The Exact Time For Replacing your House Heating System?

If your heating system isn’t working the way, it should work, you have two ideal options to consider: repair or replace. While homeowners are thinking of any of these options, we would recommend them to consider five questions.

  • Is the heating system working properly?
  • Is the furnace of the heating system affecting you and your family’s safety?
  • Has your furnace reached its end of life cycle? Remember on an average a furnace can give service up to 15 years.
  • In the future years, will the maintenance and repair costs be more than it will to replace with a new one?
  • Is your current furnace the reason for a big hole in your pocket? Can a new energy-efficient furnace help you save money in your energy bills?

Considering the repair cost is very important while you are planning to repair your old heater. At HVAC- Southfield we seriously recommend our client to weigh the repair cost and the cost of installation of a brand-new furnace. Consumers must be sure of the long-term cost savings of a newer and energy-efficient furnace.

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What Can Be The Best Heater Type For Home Use?

Getting your family, a brand-new heater is not a simple task. A house heating system is a very important, long term investment for your house and it must be treated in that way. Our HVAC maintenance team has tried to make your life a bit easier by breaking your heater selection process in four different categories. Don’t forget to have a glance at our heater section recommendation.

What Do I Need To Consider While Looking For A Replacement Of The Heater?

  • Where You Stay?

Boilers and furnaces make sense if you are living in some cold climates. If you are staying somewhere where the climate is comparatively mild, heat pumps can serve as a great energy-saving option. However, with the advancement of technology, all-weather heat pumps are now more and more viable to use for people residing in cold places. Your current location also plays a very important role in determining the efficiency of your heating equipment. In a nutshell, if you spend a lot on your heating bills, it can be more worthwhile to put your money in some of the best quality highly efficient heating equipment.

  • What Sort Of Heating Equipment You Already Own?

If by chance your house is lacking the ductwork, it really makes sense for you to buy a boiler in the place of a heat pump or furnace. If your house is ducted, and your air conditioner needs to be replaced very soon, it would be better for you to choose a heat pump instead of the traditional type of furnace and AC combination.

What Are The Different Types Of Heating System Available In The Market?

  • Electric Furnaces: The operating cost of these furnaces are on the higher side. They are often considered in places where there is a shortage of natural gases.
  • Gas Furnace: This is one of the most common heating systems used in the US and Canada. Their operation cost is much lower when compared to others.
  • Boilers: Boilers are known for quite and comfortable heat delivering across the house. They are best when your house is lacking ductwork. Boilers are particularly popular for use in most radiant floor systems. Electric, gas, and oil models of boilers are easily available in the market.
  • Oil Furnaces: They are always in need to store fuel in your house. These types of furnaces can be the best viable alternative to a regular natural gas furnace.
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps: This is one of the costliest heater replacements for your house. They are very much energy efficient and at the same time provide environment-friendly heating. They can be even used as a replacement for an air conditioner during the summers.
  • Air Source Heat Pumps: They move heat instead of generating it from any source. They mostly use a reversing valve, which makes them even suitable for use in summers. They can be the best in areas where the climate is mild and the temperature rarely falls below zero.

Why I  Must Choose An Energy Efficient Heating Device?

Choosing an energy-efficient heating device for your home comes with several benefits. Many house owners upgrades are based on these factors.

  • Age: If your old device has served you more than ten years and is giving you a lot of trouble in recent days, it is always better to replace it with an energy-efficient variant.
  • Cost: Will your new system give better ROI in the long run than your existing heating device? In most cases a brand-new energy-efficient system provides customers with a better ROI.
  • Energy Improvement Rebates: Several states in the US provide homeowners rebates on their energy bills for implementing energy-efficient technologies in their houses.

What are the Energy Efficiency Laws Of The Government That Affects My Decision?

The minimum efficiency of the boiler depends on the fuel type. These are some of the minimum AFUE ratings for each and every type of fuel used:

  1. 82 AFUE for all types of gas hot water boilers.
  2. 84 AFUE for all types of oil hot water boilers.
  3. 80 AFUE for all types of gas steam boilers.
  4. 82 AFUE for all types of oil steam boilers.

Why You Must Choose HVAC-Southfield For Your Heater Replacement Need?

Our HVAC technicians are well trained with all types of replacement, repair, installation and maintenance needs for all kinds of heating devices. If you are looking for the best HVAC contractor, don’t look any further. HVAC- Southfield is available to assist you with all your emergency heating needs 24/7, call us today 248-870-3234.

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