What Is A Heat Pump and Is It A Right Fit For Me?

A heat pump is one of the many types of heating systems that we generally use to keep our home warm during the cold weather. While furnaces can be a more valid option to choose from, heat pumps, on the other hands has been proven to be a great alternative to furnaces for many houses and businesses. If you are planning to buy yourself a heating system for your space, it’s better to go through all the options before choosing the right one.

What Is A Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a typical type of HVAC unit, that can help in regulating the indoor temperature both in the hot and cold weathers. Its working principle includes a refrigerant that helps in extracting heat of the house during the summer and vice versa during the winters. Heat pumps, in general, works in tandem with an electric furnace unit and can even be used as a tandem with a gas furnace. They can be best suited for places where the climate is a bit warm and can also be used as a supplement system in areas with cold weather.

What Is The Working Principle Of A Heat Pump?

Well, in general, there are two different types of Heat Pumps:

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  1. Geothermal Heat Pumps– The working principle of geothermal heat pumps are the most economical and environmentally efficient among all. It makes use of the energy from the earth to build up heat inside the room. These heating pumps are slightly more expensive than air-source heat pumps but can serve to be highly efficient in the long run. They can be even used as Air Conditioners during the summers.
  2. Air Source Heat Pumps– These heat pumps do not require fuel to generate heat. Instead, they are an indigenous system that can move heat throughout the entire room by extracting it from the outside air. As because they make use of a reversing valve, these can double as air conditioners.

Air source heat pumps can serve best for climates that are generally mild worm and in places where the freezing temperature is very rare. Both these heat pumps can even serve as an air conditioner. They are the best when it comes to heating, ventilating, and air conditioning for your home.

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