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Do you want to save more on your monthly consumption of energy or your energy bills? Well, in that case use of geothermal heating and cooling devices can be of a great advantage. You can use one of the most useful yet overlooked sources of energy: the heat source under your house. There are certain times when the temperature outside your house may fluctuate all the year round, but typically the temperature under the house remains unchanged. Even if the temperature outside reaches below the freezing point you can surely be benefitted by the amount of heat underneath your home.

What Is The Working Principle Of Geothermal Heating And Cooling System?

The biggest advantage of these systems is that it can be used all through out the year. The working principle of this system is typically very simple. It works by circulating the heat under the ground and your home, thus capitalizing on this form of natural resource. In the time of cold, this system will dig in the warmth from below your house and will circulate the air indoors. The working principle of a Geothermal device is quite similar to that of a heat pump.

During the summers the geothermal system can work as a air conditioner by transferring the heat inside your house to deep in the soil, where it can remain cool for a longer time. The process mentioned, requires a type of fluid known as cooler refrigerant, which when circulated in the house helps in blowing cool air.

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Geothermal Systems Are Budget Friendly And Environment Friendly

Installation of a geothermal system can help in reducing your energy bills by almost eighty percent which certainly means that you can enjoy the comfort at a very cheap and affordable price. This system works a lot better than a typical gas or electric powered system.


Some Other Major Advantages Of Geothermal Systems Are:

  • It helps in reducing your energy bills by almost 80%.
  • Fossil fuel isn’t used.
  • You get to enjoy year-round comfort that too contributing to the environment.
  • Tax credits and local rebates are easily available.
  • Long-life span and very low in maintenance.
  • Clean, safe and quiet inside the house.


Tax Credits And Federal Rebates For Geothermal Systems

The government has left no stones unturned in recognising the fiscal and environmental benefits of installing a Geothermal system in your house, There are several numbers of tax credits and rebates to houses that have taken a step to replace their conventional heating and cooling system into a geothermal unit. Here, down below is a list of how tax credits are applied on systems that are to be installed in the coming years.

  1. 1st January, 2017 to 31st December,2019: 30% rebate of the cost of installation.
  2. 1st January, 2020 to 31st December,2020: 26% rebate of the cost of installation.
  3. 1st January, 2021 to 31st December,2021: 22% rebate of the cost of installation.


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