Why Choosing HVAC-Southfield.com For Your Furnace Repair Needs?

We are charging only per job and not per hour. Our company policy is entirely against the overtime charge for any emergency work on furnace repair. Before we start with your repair work, we will be letting you know about the problem with your furnace and we will provide you options so it can be easier for you to decide how to proceed.

HVAC technicians are insured and fully licensed. Our years of experience with all types of furnace brands makes us the best in the furnace repair industry. Our customer satisfaction policy includes a guarantee for our work. This policy of ours can make our customers sit back and relax and be assured that their furnace repair works are in the right hands. With HVAC-Southfield, professional, competent, and courteous help is just a phone call away.

Why My Furnace Isn’t Working Properly?

All heating equipment comprises of several complicated parts. When one-part malfunctions, it can result in a total system failure. The technicians of HVAC-Southfield can help you with all types furnace issues.

Some Of The Very Common Reasons To Contact HVAC-Southfield For Your Furnace Repair Needs Includes:

  • The furnace isn’t turning on even after several trials.
  • The furnace’s pilot light is off.
  • Strange or disturbing noises are coming out of the furnace while being operated or during the start-up.
  • The blower of the furnace stays on continuously.
  • The main furnace burner isn’t getting lighted up or is not staying lit for more than five seconds.
  • The blowers of the furnace are not getting on even after all the burners are in lit condition.
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Here Is A List Of A Few Troubleshooting Tricks For Your Furnace

If your furnace isn’t lighting up, look at the top six troubleshooting tips that we have listed down for you.

  1. No Power To The Furnace: While you are powering on the furnace, if your furnace fan isn’t responding to the rising temperature of the thermostat, then there can be several issues. The wiring could have gone loose, a breaker might have tripped, or in fact, the furnace switch could have turned off. There can be many other complicated issues like some trouble with the thermostat, transformer, running capacitor, control board, or it can even be the blower motor malfunctioning. Our HVAC repair service can conduct a diagnostic test and point you the exact issue and also come up with the perfect solution.
  2. No Ignition: Furnaces that are comprised of spark ignition can show symptoms such as rapid clicking sound. This sound indicates that the burner is trying to ignite. If it fails to ignite itself, that can be due to blocked flue, improper limit control or faulty control board. Replacing or repairing these parts might be the correct remedy for your problem.
  3. Main Burner Issues: Burners that aren’t staying lit for long, are mainly due to in condensing furnaces, dirty flame sensors or clogged condensate drains. If the furnace’s burner isn’t turning on at all, there can be an issue in the gas supply. In order to repair these HVAC issues, technicians need to clean the overall components and make some adjustments.
  4. Failing Motor: If you see some squeaking sound come out from your furnace’s motor, then it can be an early symptom of its failure. In such cases, immediate attention from a trained HVAC technician is required to save your furnace from breaking down in the middle of a cold night.
  5. Clogged Air Filter: Apart from the thermostat is on, a clogged air filter is a primary reason for a blower motor running all time. A restriction in the airflow might have damaged the limit switch, which helps in sensing the internal temperature of the furnace. Our team can show you the problem and even help you further with the repair works. In case a clogged air filter is the cause of a malfunction, our technicians will show you all the processes to change it.
  6. Problems With The Run Motor: A problem with the run motor or capacitor can make the blower turn off even after the ignition of the burners. These capacitors are quite easy to replace, while motors do need some more troubleshooting.

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