Do you think if it is normal for my home heat pump to make a whooshing noise while delivering cold air from the supply vents?

Yes, this is again normal. During the cold winter months, frost might develop over to the outer coil or unit. This in return might cause the heat pump to get back into the defrost cycle for almost about one to ten minutes. This completely depends on the quantity of ice that is accumulated over the coil. Your home heat pump will surely get back to its heating mode once all the ice has evaporated.

Is it normal if the heat pump installed in my house, delivers warm air while being operated for a longer period of time?

Yes, this is absolutely normal. On average a heat pump produces air that is almost around eighty degrees, which in general is considered to be warm. However, these eighty degrees might seem to be cold while placing your hand. But in reality, at that point, it is almost near to ninety degrees.
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How do I know if my air conditioner unit is big or not?

Before you are planning to purchase a replacement for your existing air conditioning system, you must always make sure that your system is of the accurate size. Our HVAC technicians can help you further by doing some basic heat load calculation in order to suggest an accurate size for your home ac unit.

Are there any AC units available in the market that is safe for the overall environment?

Yes, there are several air conditioning manufacturers who have developed new units that have Puron, R410A, or other environment-friendly refrigerants contained in them. Don’t forget to have a glance at our website to get a brief knowledge of the entire range of Puron items.

What are the things that we should notice or check before calling the air conditioning maintenance service?

Before your call, our HVAC technicians for the regular maintenance of your heating and cooling unit, try to be sure that the furnace or the air handler is perfectly plugged in. Also, check the disconnects and the breakers are turned on and make sure that the thermostat is set ideally.

What are the few maintenance steps that we must do on our air conditioners?

The most vital maintenance, that you must do on a regular basis is to change your air conditioner filters regularly. The outdoor units that are mounted on the ground should be kept clear from any clutter, debris, weeds, or plants that grow close to the unit. This unwanted growth can reduce the overall airflow of the outdoor unit. It is also a good idea to keep pets away from the outdoor HVAC unit because pet urine can cause heavy and expensive damage to the system. Try to be extra cautious while you are dealing with a weed trimmer around the outer unit in order to prevent any sort of damage to the exposed wiring. Additional types of HVAC maintenance must only be performed by some qualified personnel.

Mention some of the great advantages of a programmable thermostat?

Remember every thermostat provides different features. However, as because they are electronic, they seem to be more accurate than that of the mercury ones. With the help of a programmable thermostat, anyone can easily control their house temperature at several times of the day without touching the original thermostat.

What is the exact air temperature that my air conditioning unit must produce?

The air temperature that your system produces depends completely on the outside temperature that is going inside the system. On average the temperature produced by the unit should be around 18 to 20 degrees lesser than the temperature entering into the air conditioning unit. For example, if the system has an air input of supposing eighty degrees, the air exiting the system would be somewhere around 60 to 62 degrees. However, this fact is only applicable when a system works nonstop for at least fifteen minutes on a dry and warm day and where the inside temperature is almost eighty degrees. On mild or humid climates, where the home temperature is as low as 70 degrees, the exiting air can be almost fifteen to seventeen degrees cooler than the air which enters.

How are the exact sizing of heating and cooling units measured?

The HVAC devices are mostly sized in accordance to their tonnage. On average one ton is somewhat equal to 12,000 BTU/H. Home heating and cooling system can range from almost 1 ton to 5 tons.

How long should I run my system for one cycle?

Well, we don’t have an exact answer to this question of how long a system should run to complete one particular cycle. Remember on average, an air conditioning unit is sized in such a way that it removes the overall heat from the home as fast as it can. Ideally, a day when the outside temperature is 110 degrees, an air conditioning unit must be able to keep with the heat coming from outside. When the cooler is somewhat below 110 degrees, the unit will more turn on and off the system.

How do I increase the overall efficiency and lifespan of my home HVAC system?

One of the most important things that you can do on a regular basis is to replace or clean your air filters frequently. Another point to be added over here is that a home heating and cooling system works at its best when the blower is kept on most of the time. The blower of the air conditioning unit helps in a constant movement of air all throughout the space and also helps in providing better air filtration. Apart from all these, draperies, shades, blinds, shutters, or any other types of window dressing also helps considerably from getting exposure from the direct sun rays.

What size of an HVAC device should I buy?

Well, there isn’t any specific thumb of rule for the exact size of the HVAC device of your home. The sizing of home heating and cooling device completely depends on the overall structure of your home. For example, one ton of air conditioning unit can cool somewhere in between 300 to 800 square feet of a house. The only way to determine the size of the HVAC device is by making sure that the unit is able to cool the entire space but its capacity shouldn’t be more than you need. It is always a good idea to get your house heating and cooling device evaluated by some professional HVAC contractors.

Why are the humidifiers taken more into use while heating than in cooling?

When the cold air from outside enters the house, it dries up the entire space as it starts getting warm. This also increases the static electricity inside the house that can further cause major sinus problems. A home humidifier can help a lot by adding adequate moisture back inside the room and even limit the sinus issues. In summers, while the relative humidity outside hovers in a single number, the humidity that is present inside the house stays somewhere around forty percent. On average the relative humidity comfort range is somewhat around 35 to 45 percent.

Do I need to close all doors or registers of the home, that I don’t use regularly?

Closing the home registers will automatically decrease the overall efficiency and airflow of the system. Remember each and every system is made to cool a certain part of the room. By closing the doors and registers of your house, you are surely going to resist the airflow which in return can make your HVAC unit to work a lot harder and disturb the distribution of air to other parts of the house. This does make your system a lot less efficient and even make it work harder by cooling less space.

Does the electric air cleaners really helpful?

Yes, electronic air cleaners do play a very important role in making you comfortable at your home. We do deal with a wide variety of house air filtration units. There are even some air filtration devices that can remove pollens or dust particles that are as small as 0.10micron. Don’t forget to visit our website in order to get more information on electronic home air cleaners.

What is the cost of the new replacement system of the HVAC unit?

Answering this question is very difficult, mainly due to the availability of several models, makes, and customer needs. Pricing is something that can only be solved after an evaluation is conducted on your home and your existing old equipment. Well, there aren’t any charges for an in-house replacement proposal.

At what frequency should I do maintenance works on my air conditioner?

Regular maintenance of your home air conditioner should be conducted at least twice every year. Following this not only ensures the best type of efficiency but can also help you to foresee any issues or problems that might occur in the near future. HVAC-Southfield’s CAP or comfort assurance program is typically made to keep your home HVAC unit to run at its peak efficiency all throughout the year.

At what interval should I replace my HVAC filter?

In order to achieve the best filtration and efficiency, it is always recommended to replace your old and disposable air filters at least once every month. In case you are having washable filters for your unit, it should also be cleaned at least once every month.

What should be the exact temperature for my thermostat?

The seasons and the months play a vital role in getting the desired temperature settings. During the summers the average temperature setting should be somewhere between 78 to 80 degrees. Whereas during the winters 70 degrees to 72 degrees seems to be the most ideal setting. Remember while you are leaving your house, avoiding any drastic temperature changes can be a great way to increase the overall efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

Is it necessary to keep my system from running for too long?

Remember each and every time an air conditioning unit starts up, it does use a good amount of electricity and as a result, doesn’t provide that much of cooling. In most cases, a system that is smaller in size is more economical by all means but at the same time delivers much less comfort. Even if a smaller system runs nonstop, it does consume less power than that of a bigger system with having more on and off cycles. As a general rule, an air conditioning unit that is not turned on or off frequently is much less expensive than a system that cycles on or off.

Is it a good idea to buy a system with more capacity?

No, you should never buy a system, which is larger than your needs. Remember a large unit having more capacity is much more costly to operate and delivers much lesser comfort. An HVAC unit having more capacity will be taken into use by running shorter cycles, i.e. repeatedly turning it off and on. This makes the system less efficient and more prone to energy-consumption. Remember an air conditioning unit also helps in removing air humidity by a great percentage. A system that runs in short cycles won’t be removing air humidity to that extent.

How can we measure the overall working efficiency of a home heating and cooling device?

The seasonal energy efficient ratio or the S.E.E.R is the cooling amount that your home air conditioner will be delivering for every dollar spent on the electric bills. For example, an air conditioning system of 3 ton can have a S.E.E.R rating of almost around 13,14 or 15. Remember the higher the S.E.E.R value, the more efficient will the system be. The seasonal energy efficiency ratio rating of a given air conditioning unit can range somewhere between 13 to 17.

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