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All You Need To Know About The Installation Process Of Ductwork

Construction of a air conditioning ductwork is important and challenging in its own ways. Whether you are updating your old structure or building a new house for your family, a proper ductwork does help in many ways. Maybe we are sounding a bit biased, but it is always a good idea to hire some professional HVAC technician who can help you with the installation process.
If you are planning something like this to do on your own, there are certain things that you must keep in mind before starting with the heavy HVAC ductwork process. The first thing is to be self-aware of some very common mistakes that can lead to an inefficiently working air conditioning unit, leading to a high energy bill.

Call HVAC-Southfield For All Your Heating And Cooling Air Duct Installation Process The process of air duct installation has a lot of risks and many numbers of variables. In case you aren’t having any previous experience in the installation of air ducts or if you don’t have a support backup, the whole of installation process might end up being a lot more costly than its actual worth. Calling a well-trained HVAC-technician is your best bet to get the job done in the first place.

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Mistakes That Homeowners Often Make While Installing Ductwork:

• Bad Sealing: Improper installation of sealing between the different joints and sections of your house ductwork can be the cause of some major air leaks. Bad quality sealing can lead to two different types of impacts. In the first case it can partially block the air intake and in the second case it can stop the outside air completely leading to a reduced efficiency of your house air control.
• Improper Planning: The design framework of the ducts needs be in direct relation to the positioning of the air conditioning unit. If not done correctly it can lead the air conditioning unit to work a lot harder thereby reducing its overall efficiency.
• Bad Sizing: Lots of factors comes in play while you are planning to measure the materials. The type of air conditioning system that you want to use, the electrical load and the placing of the air ducts are some of the most important things. Inadequate planning and bad measurement of the materials are some of the major misstep while undergoing the duct installation process.
• Dealing With Crimping And Bends: installing air vents and ducts through the tight corners of your house can completely pause the airflow through them. Its better to be sure that the air vents and ducts have enough spacings in between.
• Poor Placement: In some cases of bad installation process the ducts are placed in closed contact to the exterior walls that are not well insulated. The temperature outside can badly affect the temperature of the inner ducts thereby affecting the whole area.
• Not Too Many Returns: Always remember that an air conditioning ductwork must have enough number of return vents to pull in the air inside the system. This procedure is of utmost importance as it helps managing the overall temperature comfort.

Some Useful Things That You Might Need
In order to start the air duct installation process, you do need to make sure that you have a sabre saw, a hammer and a screwdriver. Along with all these you will be needing metal hangers, tin snips, sheet metal screws and some other stuff for fittings and duct pipings.
Other Materials Used For Air Duct Installation Process
Sheet Metal: Using aluminum and galvanized steel for the ductwork process helps in providing enough strength that lacks in most other materials.
Fiberglass: This is a very good option for ducts that are placed in between the rafters and all along the house ceiling. The best advantage of using such materials are that being already insulated. In an addition to all these, they seem easy to seal and cut.

The Final Installation Process

If the installation process is done by some professionals it can take almost up to two days of time. In case you are doing it on your own with no such experience it can take a much longer time.
Step 1: Planning and Design: This phase of preparation is of utmost importance and must come in the first of your priority list. The planning includes plotting out the complete design system including the exact location of the vents, their pathway and their returns. A homeowner must prioritize the exact tools and the numbers that are required in order to properly execute the whole process.
Step 2: Installation Of The Plenum: A plenum can also be referred as the brain of the whole thing. This is the place which collects all the air from air conditioning or the furnace unit. Plenum is also the originate place for all the main trunk lines.
Step 3: Installation Of The Main Lines: The main lines often refers to as the spinal system of the whole ductwork. The length of the main trunk lines extends throughout the entire length of the structure. Don’t forget to install a cap at the dead-end of the system.
Step 4: Installation Of All The Brunch Runs: The branch lines are commonly called the branches of the whole unit. It helps in the movement of air from the trunk lines into the indoors or the several parts of the room. Mostly branch lines are attached to the main lines and extends further towards the pre-planned vents. Use of proper joints are very essential in accordance to the shape and materials of the duct pipe.
Step 5: Installing The Returns: The installation of the returns are very important. Air can’t be pushed inside a room unless and until the air inside the room is extracted making the installation of return vents very important. The total quantity of air vents that your building needs depends on the whole structure and the place where the outlet air is getting collected.

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