Ductless Split AC Systems

Stay Cool This Summer By Buying Yourself A Ductless AC Unit

Are you planning to buy a central ac unit or a window unit to cool your space? Well, think again. If you want an energy-efficient cooling device that can be easily installed than any other ac units, a ductless split ac unit can be a perfect choice. Our HVAC-technicians experts can further help you in learning more about the usefulness of these systems and even help with your installation process.

What Do You Mean By A Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning System?

A ductless mini-split unit works on the principle of using an outdoor unit in order to cool the local air. The cold air is delivered through ceiling mounted or wall mounted blower unit and through ducts like most of the other conventional ac systems. Numerous blower units can operate separately while being connected to just one outdoor condenser.

These systems have four main advantages over a normal convention split air conditioner:

• These systems offer the users with options such as zone cooling or heating. The working principle of these systems are designed in such a way that it can allow a homeowner to set different temperatures for different rooms using the same outdoor unit.
• In most cases it is seen that these ductless air conditioners are more effective than a conventional central unit, This is mainly because cold air is delivered directly, without taking the stress of traveling through the ducts. Thus it can maintain a desired temperature while using less energy.
• They are less expensive to maintain than a conventional unit. As because they don’t require any ductwork, there are less chances of their ineffectiveness.
• They are much smaller in size and are attractive at the same time. These systems take much lesser space on the outer part of your building and do not require any ductwork for smooth operation.

Ductless split ac system installation southfield

Installation Of Ductless Air Conditioners

Installing Ductless air conditioners are much easier than other conventional systems and takes lesser installation time. These systems require 3 to 4 inches of wall openings to connect the indoor unit with the outdoor one. There is also a new type of stand-alone blower available in the market but the convention blower seems more efficient in all ways than it.

Where To Install A Ductless AC Unit?

The heavy installation or renovation cost or retrofitting ductwork of conventional types of cooling systems might prove to be cost-prohibitive for many people. Ductless AC units are best suited for any sized house or businesses that lack previously done ductwork. They can even be ideal for houses that don’t require complete cooling of the whole structure. This helps business owners or house owners to prioritize the spots where their employees, customers, or family can spend time, especially during the hottest days of this summer.

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