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There is a huge possibility of the presence of some unseen or seen debris, or contaminants in your business’s or home’s ductwork through the air each and every day. Because the systems gets dirty with regular use and time, cleaning your house air duct becomes important in order to maintain and improve your house air quality. Our expert heating and cooling technicians know all the working principles and importance of routine air duct cleaning services.

Why Is It Important For You To Hire’s Air Duct And Vent Cleaning Services?

There are mainly two vital reasons especially for home and business owners to hire a professional air duct cleaning service, avoid unit inefficiency and health concerns.

HVAC Unit Inefficiency

While you are scheduling your AC maintenance service, our team may recommend you with air duct cleaning. This is because a ductwork that is not maintained properly has a huge impact on the system’s overall efficiency during its cooling or heating process.As several debris and dust accumulates with time, it can cause severe damages to your air conditioning unit.

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Generally, these dust particles block the air passage making the passage of air difficult through these ducts. When ducts or air filters are clogged up, your house heater or air conditioner needs to work twice as hard to make you feel warm or cold. Thereby creating a huge wastage of money and energy at the same time.
These small particles can further be the reason for damaging your unit. Small unwanted debris can travel all the way to the different sensitive parts of the machinery, causing more wear and tear, clogs and can even result in early breakdowns. Regular cleaning of these air ducts can increase the life span of your system by another two to three years. Several factors contribute to the exact condition of the innermost part of your ac ducts_ from daily wear and tear to prolonged moisture exposure to incorrect installation. A proper and thorough air duct cleaning might be a very important thing that your house needs urgently.
Health Concerns
Filthy, contaminated and dirty air ducts can cause serious health hazards to you, your associates and your family. Thing can turn worse for people who are already having serious health issues like allergies, asthma, or illness. In case you notice any of your loved ones are experiencing illnesses such as nausea, headaches, sneezing, coughing, or other similar symptoms, you must consider cleaning your house air conditioning ducts.

Debris And Contaminants That Can Be Present In Your Air Duct Includes All These 

    • Molds: Air ducts contaminated with molds can be extremely hazardous for health. Molds generally grow in air ducts that are exposed mostly to moisture. Their growth is dangerous because they can easily spread in the air circulated by your heating and cooling systems. In most cases if they are left untreated, molds that are airborne can be the reason for several toxic poisoning and allergic reaction. Mold growth might not be visible to naked eyes but a house owner must notice if any toxic odors or bad health symptoms are occurring. If something like this is noticed, it is always a good idea to call a professional HVAC technician for an inspection as soon as possible.
    • Dust: If in case any member of your family is suffering from allergies and asthma, the contaminated ducts can heavily disrupt their comfort inside the house. Dust and debris get collected inside a heating and cooling system over time, and can cause a huge hindrance in the air quality of the area.
    • Dirt: Just like water, dust particles or debris are significantly hazardous to a person’s health especially if it is contained in your ac air ducts. Air ducts that are showing symptoms of wear and tear or the ones that aren’t installed properly might be at a severe risk of dirt contamination. Yearly maintenance and the right installation method might help you in preventing this form of contamination.
    • Pet Hair: Though not as deadly as the points mentioned above, pet dander can also be considered as the biggest contributor for all types of indoor allergies. Especially if you are owning a pet, your HVAC ductwork might get clogged with dander and hair, resulting in an increase of allergies and thereby reducing the quality of indoor air.
There are many ways by which you can reduce pet dander in your house, but in case you are moving in a house that was previously owned by some pet owners, your ductwork might be previously impacted. A proper air duct cleaning by some trained HVAC maintenance team might be beneficial for you in providing a clean slate that your house needs.
Sometimes it is seen that vermin such as rodents and insects are making their dwelling places inside a ductwork. Well, this can be the cause of a blockage in your heating and cooling system and can be the reason of spreading germs from dead pests and their droppings. In case if you hear any strange sound of pests crawling over your HVAC ductwork system, try scheduling an air duct inspection at the earliest.

What Is The Time Interval Of Cleaning Air Ducts?

At HVAC-Southfield we generally follow the rules and regulations of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the NADCA or the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. We put their recommendations as our benchmark and in tandem, to them we recommend our clients of an air duct inspection to be conducted every three to five years.
Some certain times or situations can warrant additional cleanings:
• While you are moving to a new residence.
• While you are done with your home renovation project.
• If anyone of your family member is experiencing allergic problems or other similar illness symptoms.
• If you notice any insects or rodents in your home HVAC duct system.
• If you have faced any mold contamination or water damage in your house recently.
• If you have pets who shed dander or hair.
• If you are staying with individuals who smoke.
HVAC-Southfield Air Duct Cleaning Process
Our four-step air duct cleaning process will surely ensure that your ducts are [performing just like new.
    Step 1: Inspection
Our trained and experienced HVAC repair technicians will be conducting a thorough initial check-up in order to garner a better understanding of the cleaning process. Without a thorough initial inspection of an HVAC ductwork, cleaning can sometimes be more harmful than any good and can further result in spreading toxic dust particles into your surrounding air.
    Step 2: Checking All The Components
After the initial inspection, our HVAC team would be checking and service the different parts of your system, which includes:
• Return and supply ducts.
• Cooling and heating coils.
• Grills and diffusers.
• Motor and fan housing.
• Drip pans.
• Housing of the air handling unit.
    Step 3: Several Tools And Their Uses.
Some of the most common air duct cleaning tools are:
• Air Whips.
• Brushes.
• Skipper Balls.
• HEPA vacuums.
• Vacuum cleaners.
Our trained employees at HVAC-Southfield make use of whips, brushes, and skipper balls in order to dislodge debris and dust particles from the air vents and ducts. Usage of soft-bristled brushes is of utmost importance especially on the fiberglass lined ducts. All these collected dust particles are then cleared away generally with a HEPA vacuum cleaner and that can directly expel this collected debris outside the house premises.
    Step 4: Final Check
Our team will make sure in the final check-up that the ac air duct system isn’t damaged during the cleaning process and all the access holes are sealed. We will be making sure that your HVAC system is working properly and there aren’t any loose debris spread across the whole house.
What Should You Expect After a Home Or Commercial Duct Cleaning Is Conducted?
After the air duct cleaning procedure is conducted, you can surely witness much lower consumption of energy and a lot more efficient control over temperature all throughout the space. In addition to all of these, you, your associates, and your family can experience a healthy lifestyle and a much easier breathing when in and around the space. Our HVAC-Southfield’s team knows it well that an incomplete air duct cleaning job is a lot more hazardous to health and well living than no service at all, mainly due to the loose dust particles that can be infused in the air. It is of utmost importance that the whole process of air cleaning is carried out professionally and thoroughly.

Why You Must Keep Your Air Ducts Clean?

The answer to this question is really very simple. A neat and clean air duct makes your heating and cooling system a lot more efficient. While your system is maintained and cleaned thoroughly, it can easily operate and can save a lot of energy at the same time. Thus making you feel a lot more comfortable especially in your living area, and even help in the reduction of your monthly energy bills.
Also maintaining a regular cleaning of air ducts can even prevent some unnecessary stress on your heating and cooling system. When your ac ducts are clogged with dirt and debris, your HVAC unit needs to work a lot harder in order to push the air inside your living space. Therefore, in place of throwing away your hard-earned money or your system, allow us to work on your air vents and ducts and enjoy a long-term comfort and save your money.
Our Air Duct Cleaning Service Can Help You Breathe Easy.
A clean and clear air duct helps in creating a clean environment in and around your house. In case your house air is contaminated with viruses, dead, skin, bacteria, pet hair, or some other unwanted contaminants due to a dirty air duct it can surely be the cause of several ailments. Remember that Duct Cleaning Services clean air can keep both your mind and body healthy. Keep your surrounding air clean with HVAC-Southfield’s air duct cleaning service.
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