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House Dehumidifiers And Its Services
Outdoor humidity is bad, and living inside a house where air humidity is on the higher side might seem unbearable. Most experts suggest that a humidity of a house must stay in between 35 and 50 percent in order to feel comfortable. When outdoor levels of humidity get above 50 percent it directly or indirectly affects the air quality inside the house.
Keep your indoor humidity levels in control and stay comfortable in your own home with the help from HVAC-Southfield. Our highly skilled HVAC-technicians are well able to repair, install, and maintain your old house dehumidifier and help you get within one percent of an ideal humidity level.

What Is A Dehumidifier?

The dehumidifier is an electronic device that helps to remove the extra moisture present in the air. There are two types of dehumidifiers available in the market- Portable and complete house dehumidifier. Both the types of dehumidifiers work on the same principle of drawing out moisture from the air and then collecting it over the cold coils. Thereby condensing the humidity into small water droplets and draining it out or collecting the water content in a small basin. A portable type of dehumidifier needs to be connected by a pipe or hose to a sump basin or they can be emptied by using hands. Other than this all other home dehumidifier consists of a drain, hose or pipe connected to the system for stress-free convenience. If you are looking for the best HVAC contractor, don’t look any further. HVAC-Southfield is available to assist you with all your emergency air check and dehumidifier needs 24/7. Call us today 248-870-3234.

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Why Are The Home Dehumidifiers So Important?

An increase in the moisture level of the indoor air is the very reason for home safety threats and bad health conditions of most. Some problems that are very common in moisture-laden areas are:
• The allergens or proliferation.
• Infections caused by the respiratory system.
• Growth of mold, mildew, fungi, microbes and dust mites.
• Extra moisture in the air can cause damage to window frames, warped flooring, and furniture.
• Increase in other types of pests.
Higher levels of humidity in the air can also be the cause of higher concentrations of VOCs in the air, which can be equally harmful. Usage of portable dehumidifiers in such areas of the house can lower the humidity content in the air and even reduce the risk of you and your family from getting exposed to VOCs.

When Should You Use A Dehumidifier?

In most places it is important to run the dehumidifier all throughout the year. Other than these places which experiences hot and humid summer or have rainy weather in most of the months of the year need a dehumidifier to capture the excess moisture. Our HVAC maintenance technicians can further help in taking readings of your home to help you out with the level of humidity content in the air.

When Should You Invest In A Dehumidifier?

• When excess mildew or mold growth can be noticed in the home ceilings, walls, or on the surfaces.
• A strange musty smell coming out from some parts of the house.
• Water stains on the walls and the ceilings.
• Rotten wood.
• Condensation on the innermost part of the windows.
• Warping wood of the home furniture or the flooring.
• Increase in pests or insects.
• When allergy symptoms are noticed in any of your family members.

Which Is Better- Whole Home Dehumidifier or A Portable Dehumidifier?

Buying yourself a dehumidifier of exact size is of utmost importance. For example, in case if you are opting for a portable dehumidifier that is of smaller size, the sink basin of it can be filled with water in no time making it important to empty more frequently. If you are choosing a big one for your home, you might be investing in something that is too big and something which is too noisy and not required for your house.
Thus choosing in between a whole room dehumidifier and a portable one is very much important to solve your house humidity issue. Whole-house dehumidifiers can be very useful for big houses in hot and humid climates.
If you are staying somewhere where the climate is relatively dry and where you need to run a dehumidifier only a couple of times in the year, opting for a whole-house dehumidifier might turn to be not necessary.

How To Determine The Size Of Dehumidifier That I Need?

In order to buy a dehumidifier, it is always a good idea to calculate everything taking into consideration the relative humidity of the place and size of the building. The capacity of a dehumidifier is measured in pints taken from the air per day. Portable type of dehumidifiers are smaller in size and can dehumidify a single room whereas a whole-home dehumidifier is much bigger in size and are made in such a way that it can provide service to the entire house.
Our HVAC repair team, can help you by taking the readings of the relative humidity from your house with the help of a hygrometer. They can also help you in suggesting the perfect type of dehumidifier that is best suited for your place based on the total square footage of your home. At HVAC-Southfield, we are here to help you with all your needs.

Choosing HVAC- Southfield For All Types Of Dehumidifier Needs
If you are in urgent need of managing the humidity levels of your house and you need it to be tested, we are the ones who can serve you best. We take pride in solving the needs of a homeowner or a business owner and make them breathe easy by providing superior quality services when it comes to a dehumidifier. Our certified HVAC- maintenance team can deal with all types of home dehumidifier systems.

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