What Is An Electric Baseboard Heater?

Baseboard heaters are one of the most ideal examples of room heating solutions. The installation of these types of heating equipment can be done in a congested place and are mostly inconspicuous. They are safe, quiet, and energy-efficient at the same time. Most of the electric baseboard heaters ranges in between 500 to 2000 watts of power which means spaces in between 50 to 200 square feet can be evenly heated. These baseboard heating devices can be used in all types of spaces including hallways, bedrooms, and offices.

Special types of baseboard heaters are also available for commercial purposes, mostly to be used in hotel lobbies, stadiums, ballparks, and restaurants. These are even highly customizable to meet the different size and design specifications.

What Is The Working Principle Of Baseboard Heaters?

Electric-type of baseboard heaters are mainly zone heaters. They can be installed underneath the window panes where the rising air of the heater counteracts the decreasing cool air from the windowpane. These mechanisms are taken in control by the thermostats placed within the room.

Baseboard heaters make use of the heating elements encased in metal sheaths, which are mostly surrounded by aluminum fins that help in facilitating the heat transfer from one part to another. This process is called convection, where the cold air of the room is drawn to the bottom of the heater. The air in between the heater is then heated, and then made to rise towards the ceiling of the room. It is even seen that some heat radiates from the heaters housing and its elements. In general, there are two different types of baseboard heater:

  • Electric-type baseboard heaters.
  • Electric or Hydronic baseboard heaters.
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Working Efficiency Of Baseboard Heaters

In general baseboard heater work on the principle of convection that moves the warm air upwards and draws the cold air towards the floor and then releasing it back inside the room where it rises. As the air inside the room cools it goes back to the baseboard heater to get heated again. This cycle continues until and unless the room reaches its desired temperature.

Since the working principle of the baseboard heater doesn’t make use of a fan, it is generally quiet in nature. Hydronic baseboard heaters that are available in the market also offers simple and quiet operations without making noise like some noisy blower or dirt-filled forced-air system.

Safety Of Baseboard Heating Devices

Most of the modern baseboard heating devices offer safe thermal cut out protection switches that help in turning off the heater in cases of overheating. The auto safety feature included in them reactivates the device when the temperature gets back to normal.

Installation Of Baseboard Heaters Are An Ease

Baseboard heating system does not require lots of ductwork and is very easy to install. Some exclusive models of these systems like the HBB series or the 2500 series of the Marley Engineered Products, are mostly UL listed that have the facility to be directly mounted on the floor surface no matter even if the floor is made of carpet or wood. On the other hand, maintaining of baseboard heaters are comparatively easy than most other heating devices. The heating mechanisms of the baseboard heaters don’t have too many moving parts, which lessens the chances of easy breakdown. Upkeeping with these systems usually requires simple and minor cleaning that consists of removing the lint and dust from the grills of the heater. In order to prevent warm air from gathering behind the heating unit and making the walls behind dirty with dust and debris, try to be sure that the heater is a tight fit to the wall.

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