Attic Exhaust Fans

Hot air rises up and cool air comes down, this law of Physics is hardly unknown to anyone. Well, this can be the same for even your house attics, making them the hottest place in the entire house. Some attics can become unbearable in the summer days where temperatures can reach even above 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember an attic that is too warm can surely have some effect on the overall temperature of the whole space.
During the cold, when the formation of ice dams and interior condensation is common, attic ventilation becomes very important. When moisture gets caught in the attic it can result in the growth of mildew and mold over the attic insulation. This is particularly bad and can result in the wood to rot thus making the roof or attic unsafe for people and storage. To overcome these issues an attic fan is the solution to the house ventilation system.

What Is An Attic Fan?

An attic fan is mostly installed in the rooftop such that it helps in the house’s ventilation system. It is made in a way such that it can withdraw hot air of the house, out through the attic. It further helps in controlling the humidity level and regulates the total amount of stagnant heat of the house attic. An attic fan can be easily mounted in the roof or on the walls of the attic just under a gable. They can be easily powered on or off manually and can even be controlled by the help of a regular thermostat.

Working Principle Of An Attic Fan

The attic fan draws out the hot air of the attic through the vents and draws fresh air from the standard attic vents. This continuous process helps in reducing the humidity and heat presence inside an attic. It helps a lot in keeping the interior of a home cool.

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Remember, attics must have adequate ventilation, insulation, and sealing from the other parts of the house in order to make the exhaust fan work correctly. In case if the attic isn’t sealed properly from the other parts of the house the attic may not work properly and can even draw cool air and exhaust it from its vents.

Why Is it Important To Add Adequate Attic Ventilation?

Adequate attic ventilation is important for three primary reasons. A proper attic ventilation helps in:
• Reducing the overall energy costs.
• It helps in reducing the temperature extremes.
• It extends the useful life of house roof and insulation.
Your house can indeed survive even without an attic vent, but having one of them installed helps a lot in increasing the overall efficiency of the house’s ventilation system, and even reduces the chances of mildew and mold growth.

HVAC-Southfield Process Of Attic Fan Installation

When we are planning to install an attic fan in your rooftop, we will check on the total number of vents that have been already existing in your rooftop. Remember an attic fan won’t be functioning properly if the attic isn’t well ventilated. We recommend house owners to install 1 square feet of attic ventilation for every 200 to 300 square feet of roof space. For best results an attic must be sealed and insulated properly from the remaining part of the house.
After ensuring adequate ventilation of the attic, our trained HVAC technicians can further help in choosing the best exhaust needed for your rooftop. Thermometer controlled or automatic fans are our general recommendations, as it does not need the house owners to manually turn them on.
Once the house owner has decided to choose the model and make of their exhaust fan, our local HVAC maintenance team will be drilling a hole in the rood or the ceiling and then install a cover on the opening part of the exterior. Then comes the part of installing and wiring of the exhaust fan. The variations in the sizes of the attic can be in need of the installation of many different attic fans.

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