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If you are feeling the need to replace your old air conditioner, researching your options is very important. Purchasing any ac units that you come across might turn into a very bad decision. The AC size, efficiency, and its type are some of the most important things that you need to consider while planning to buy one. If you are planning something like this don’t forget to consider the energy efficiency laws in your city. Our trained HVAC-technicians can guide you with the buying process and can further help you with the installation.

What Should You Consider While Choosing A Brand-New AC Unit?

To answer this certain factors come into play and can heavily influence your buying decision. Have a glance at the list below!
• Your Geographic Location: Temperature, humidity, and the overall climatic condition plays a significant role in choosing the best economic and efficient ac for your house. For example, investing in a good quality, energy-efficient model might be economical for a person residing in Florida but can turn into a problem for someone here in Detroit.
• Your Previous Model: Houses consisting of baseboard or radiant heating system might not have any ductwork. In order to get rid of heavy installation costs, ductless mini-splits or one-room units can be one of the best viable options. This can even work for old homes, that lack ductwork.

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What Should You Consider : A Repair Job or A Replacement?

Replacing your old air conditioning unit can be a very big investment that you will be making as a house owner. It is always recommended to never rush with the decision and make sure that it is the right time for investment.

Different Types Of AC Units

Modern days have several types of AC units available. Some of which are listed below:
• Ductless mini-splits can be the best option for cooling houses that lacks ductwork.
• Split ACs are a great example of standard central air conditioners.
• Swamp coolers or evaporative coolers work on the principle of removing heat with the help of evaporation. These are most effective in dry climates.
• Window, Portable, and Wall units are best when you are in need to cool just one room in your house.

Different Benefits Of An Energy Efficient AC Unit

• Improvement In Home Comfort: The technology that helps in reducing your energy bills is also responsible to make you feel comfortable. For example, a blower motor of variable speed helps in saving energy by running at low at all times, resulting in a decrease in temperature fluctuation.
• Energy Saving: Remember an air conditioning unit accounts for almost over 50% of energy bills during the summer. Buying an energy-efficient ac unit can easily cut your monthly energy bills by almost half.
• Eco-Friendly: An air conditioning unit that consumes less electricity can be good for your wallet and at the same time it even helps the environment by reducing the emissions. Buying something like this can make you take baby steps in lowering your home’s carbon footprint.

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