Maintaining your air conditioning unit is very much essential to give it a longer life and keep your monthly electric bills low. It is important to make sure that your cooling device is efficiently and reliably working all throughout the summers. If in case you notice that the air coming out from the air conditioner is humid and not enough cold, its high time for you to schedule your unit maintenance service.

Checklist For Air Conditioner Maintenance

While you are owning an air conditioner there are certain things that you should do to make it work better, last longer, and even keep your monthly energy bills low. House owners can easily do some DIYs to maintain their unit, whereas other tasks should be left for a professional HVAC maintenance team.
Here Are Some Tips That Can Help You To Prevent Problems Developing In Your Air Conditioning Unit.
• Remove all the dust and debris that are near to the air conditioner unit.
• Don’t forget to clean the condenser coils in every season.
• Check if there are any loose electric connections or contacts.
• Make sure that the condensate drain is clean and clear.
• Try lubricating all the bearings and motors.
• If needed replace any HVAC air filters.
• Don’t forget to recharge the refrigerant.

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Professional Inspection Of Your Air Conditioner

An inspection done at regular intervals by any professional is a very important part of maintaining your house air conditioning unit- especially before the summers start. Schedule maintenance of the air conditioner can help in making sure that the unit is working in an efficient way. HVAC-Southfield special package of total comfort tune-up will make sure that your air conditioning unit is in perfect working position and it can survive another few years. Adding to all these our expert HVAC technicians can help you in addressing other issues that might grow bigger and costly in the future years.

What Are The Different Types of Air Conditioning Units?

There are several types of air conditioning units in the market. The maintenance of these completely depends on the type of device you own.
List Of Some Common AC Units Are:
• Ductless split air conditioners.
• Window air conditioners.
• Split system units.
• Portable units.
• Packaged air conditioners.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Southfield

All the types of air conditioning units mentioned above are typically expensive, and replacing then with a new one is probably the last option. We at HVAC-Southfield do understand how important it is to keep you and your family comfortable during the sizzling summers. Our certified HVAC- maintenance team can deal with all types of home air conditioning systems. If you are looking for the best HVAC contractor, don’t look further. HVAC-Southfield is available to assist you with all your emergency air conditioning needs 24/7, call us today 248-870-3234.

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